Welcome to Over The Knee Society!!

Hello all, welcome to my page. I started Technicolor and Plaid several years ago as a place to gather my stories, but I let it drift off into the abyss because I didn’t like what I had written and I wanted something different. So I finally decided to do it. I made a new page! Here’s some answers to questions you might ask, before you delve into the stories below:

  • What kind of stories are these? I write F/F domestic discipline spanking stories. All characters are adults.
  • Do you write any F/M stories or M/F stories? I do not. I only write F/F stories, nothing else.
  • Do you write fan fiction? Nothing that’s released yet, but I might put it out there some day!

Cora and Emery pt. 7

*****Disclaimer/Trigger Warning*****:

I have wanted to write something like this for a while now, and I was just too shy to. I finally decided to really go for it and explore more of my own kinks through my writing. If you don’t like the following, DON’T READ THE STORY

Contains:  severe consensual spanking of an adult, humiliation and anal discipline

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Part 6 Cora/Emery/Natalie/Jill

“No I swear! We don’t have that rule, I wouldn’t break a rule like that, c’mon Natalie!” Emery pleaded, looking at Jill for support. Jill looked at her girlfriend and shrugged, deciding it was probably best just to not get involved. Natalie narrowed her eyes, her Top senses tingling. 

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Floor plan for Emery and Jill’s Apartment

I dunno if anyone cares about this, but I always have had an obsession with floorplans. In case you ever wanted to visualize a little better what Emery and Jill’s apartment looks like, here ya go! I’m sorry for the quality, the image was saved as a JPEG which apparently cant be loaded on here so you get what you get 😂

Room at the top is Emery’s, room to the right is Jill’s

Part 5 Warning

So some of you might like this and some of you might hate it but part 5 is gonna be particularly long. I will generally be trying to include a spanking per story, so I don’t wanna split stuff up unnecessarily to make you “get to the good stuff.”

Also, for the majority of my stories, I will be sticking to “part 4, part 5, part 6” etc because it helps new readers with chronology and it helps me when I need to go back and review things. I used to enjoy making clever titles but it’s just not functional for this kind of interface.

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

Charcoal For Christmas

It was December 24th and Emery was in the most Christmasy of moods. She had decided that while Cora was working all day, she’d go over to her apartment and bake a bunch of cookies and holiday goodies. That way she could supply her girlfriend with baked goods all day to make up for the fact that she had to work on Christmas Eve.

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Cora and Emery Pt 3

Cora was typically a little overzealous with how tidy she kept her townhouse. She liked everything to be in its place, to be clean and purposeful. She rarely went more than a day or two without cleaning something. But that didn’t stop her from having a “cleaning spree” the day before her third date with Emery. She wanted everything to be perfect. She spent the day cleaning out the fish tank, scrubbing the kitchen spotless, vacuuming, and doing laundry. She’d go to the store later that night to get some snacks and drinks for their movie night. She had asked Emery for some suggestions and the conversation was amusing, to say the least.

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Cora and Emery Pt 2

3:35 PM 8/16/2019:

Hi! This is Emery, we met at Jagged Peak on Wednesday. I was wondering if you had plans tonight? I know it’s short notice, but I was hoping for that “second date.” 😉

3:46 PM 8/16/2019:

Hello Emery Parker 🙂 I have nothing after 7, would that work for you?

3:47 PM 8/16/2019:

Perfect! How about Black Shirt Brewery at 7:30?

3:50 PM 8/16/2019:

I will see you there. 😉

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