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Welcome to Over The Knee Society!!

Hello all, welcome to my page. I started Technicolor and Plaid several years ago as a place to gather my stories, but I let it drift off into the abyss because I didn’t like what I had written and I wanted something different. So I finally decided to do it. I made a new page! Here’s some answers to questions you might ask, before you delve into the stories below:

  • What kind of stories are these? I write F/F domestic discipline spanking stories. All characters are adults.
  • Do you write any F/M stories or M/F stories? I do not. I only write F/F stories, nothing else.
  • Do you write fan fiction? Nothing that’s released yet, but I might put it out there some day!

Trouble in Purgatory- Wynonna Earp Fanfiction

This is a work of fiction. Waverly and Wynonna are characters in a television show called Wynonna Earp, developed by Emily Andras and owned by Syfy. I claim no rights or ownership.

Now that the two sisters were living together, Wynonna and Waverly were growing steadily closer. It was hard not to fall back easily into being sisters and best friends. But living together wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Waverly was grateful to be out of her room above Shorty’s, but her older sister was beginning to wear on her. First, she would never stop making fun of her boyfriend, Champ. Wynonna clearly didn’t like the guy, but he had his own version of charm and he was hot. But even worse than that, Wynonna was acting like a parent. Everything Waverly did was highly scrutinized or shot down. Her request to join the Black Badge Division was continuously denied and even sometimes laughed at. Wynonna would also constantly be texting her, asking where she was or checking in on her. She was being treated like a little delicate child, and she was tired of it. 

She had always held her own, especially while Wynonna was gone. She knew how to handle a firearm and she took good enough care of herself. Sure, she sometimes found herself in dangerous situations or on the back end of a bad decision, but she always survived. Now that Dolls had all her research about The Seven, she had to refocus her dedication and exploration elsewhere. A new stranger in town was catching her attention, maybe he was the mystery she needed to solve next. 

A few days later, she realized why Henry (the new stranger who frequented the bar) seemed so familiar. He wasn’t Henry. He was actually Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp’s old friend. And not some weird reincarnated version, he was the real deal. He had to be here to help them, to break the family curse finally. But instead, he was skulking around town and associating with someone called Bobo Del Rey, even staying in his trailer park! Something had to be up with him, and Waverly was going to find out what exactly that was. Without further thought, she decided to trail Doc from Shorty’s all the way to where he was staying, in Bobo’s trailer park. 

She almost lost him behind some ratchety old trailer with a bunch of revenants all gathered around the porch, but found him again a moment later standing with Bobo. They seemed to be having a rather heated but well controlled conversation about something, and it seemed like all eyes were on the two men. She crouched carefully around the side of another trailer, trying (with some difficulty) to hear what they were talking about. At exactly the wrong moment, her phone started ringing; she was getting a call from Nicole Haught. She tried desperately to turn it off, but it wouldn’t shut up. A moment later, a gunshot rang out and she heard a dull clang as a bullet ricocheted off the trailer next to her. She took off running, panicking all the way back to Shorty’s. 


Wynonna stood in the hallway, slightly tipsy from mourning the loss of Shorty. Having found herself being accosted by Henry, she was already fairly irritated. But when he reintroduced himself as Doc Holliday, she was taken aback. But was almost more surprising was that somehow Waverly had already known about this. Doc had said “the fact is, I have not properly introduced myself. You can tell your sister she is right. I am -was- friends with your great-great-grandpappy. My name is John Henry but most people just called me Doc.” Wynonna took a step back. “Doc? Doc Holliday? And what does Waverly have to do with this? She knows?” Wynonna crossed her arms, confused. 

“Why yes, she knows. Little rascal scouted me earlier today to try and confirm it, matter of fact. I had to shoot at her in front of Bobo to make it look like I aimed to kill her. We had a…confrontation at the bar that didn’t end well. Point is, she knows. She figured it out long before anyone else, that’s for sure.” 

Wynonna’s eyebrow raised and she scoffed when Doc told her about shooting at Waverly. She couldn’t believe her sister’s stupidity. She must have figured this out and decided to take matters into her own hands. Tailing a stranger into a dangerous situation without telling anyone where she was or asking anyone’s permission. She had to know that if Wynonna had known ahead of time, she’d have been told to stay home. The more Wynonna thought about it, the more her blood boiled. She had to settle this with Waverly. 

“I have some thinking to do, and I believe I need to go have a talk with Waverly. Thank you for coming to me with that. We need to talk more about this tomorrow. Goodnight” she said, politely bowing a little before heading down upstairs, straight to Waverly’s room. She could hear the girl’s stereo on so she knew she was in there. She put her hand up and knocked, leaning against the door frame. 

“Waves? Can I come in please?” She hollered, trying to be heard over the music. Nothing happened for a second, so she put her hand up to knock again, her knuckles swinging into empty air as the door swung open. Waverly grinned and leaned back, avoiding her sister’s fist. 

“Sup sis? Sorry it’s a bit of a mess, I haven’t really unpacked yet. I promise I’ll get around to it soon though!” Waverly said, plopping back down on her bed and smiling. She hadn’t decided yet how to tell Wynonna about Doc, but she knew she had to at some point. Dolls would also probably want to know. But right now just didn’t feel like the right time, and it looked like her sister had something on her mind anyways. 

“What’s going on in that brain of yours?” Waverly asked Wynonna. Wynonna sighed and sat down in the desk chair across from her sister’s bed. She crossed her legs and her arms, sighing again. 

“I found out something today and it has me a little worried and frankly, a bit upset. Is there anything you have to tell me?” She asked, an eyebrow cocked. Waverly’s smile faltered a little and she felt her stomach turn over, but she shook her head. 

“No…is…is there something you have to tell me?” She asked hesitantly. She played with her hands, her voice slightly higher than it usually was. She felt the mood shift in the room, the upbeat song playing from her stereo clashing terribly with the downcast, uncomfortable air in between herself and her sister. 

“As a matter of fact, I guess I do,” Wynonna said, standing. She began to pace, her arms still crossed. Every couple seconds she’d turn to Waverly and pause, waiting to get her words out exactly how she wanted to. 

“After Shorty’s funeral, our new friend Henry decided to stop by. He wanted to tell me something. Something I think you already know. Want to tell me what that is?” She asked, turning and stopping so she was facing her sister. 

“Oh! Well… I guess I didn’t know how to tell you, but yeah. Henry is actually…Doc Holliday?” She said, biting her lip. She crossed her arms too now, defensively. She really was going to tell Wynonna about Doc, she just hadn’t found the right time yet. And besides, why was she so mad? It wasn’t like they could do anything with this information yet. It was just another weird entity in Purgatory like the revenants. 

“No kidding! Why would you not tell me about that as soon as you found out?!” Wynonna yelled, throwing her hands up. Waverly flinched a little, and sat back on her bed. 

“It wasn’t a huge deal and you were dealing with shit already! Geez Wynonna, get the bug out of your ass. I was planning on telling you. What are you so angry about?!” Waverly yelled back, throwing her hands up in return. 

“Because not only did you discover some strange new version of an immortal human, but you STALKED him to the very dangerous trailer park in Bobo’s territory! Are you kidding me?!” Wynonna took a step towards Waverly, seeing the flash of betrayal and then fear cross her sister’s face. Waverly had no idea Doc had told her about that, she figured it would stay between them. Besides, he was the one that had shot at her! 

“I didn’t get hurt, Wy! Just calm down! This isn’t a big deal!” Waverly whined, crossing her arms and pouting. Here she was, getting yelled at again for something that wasn’t a problem. Sure she got shot at but it was just a warning shot, and she wasn’t overly concerned with Bobo coming after her. It was just a misunderstanding.

“You were shot at, Waverly! You could have been killed by any of them! That was an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do. I’ve told you before to be careful and stay out of things your nose doesn’t belong in, but you won’t listen! What do I have to do to get you to listen to me? Do I need to put you across my knee and whoop you for you to hear the words I’m saying to you?” Wynonna asked, her eyebrow raised dangerously. Now that the words came out, her palm was tingling. The subsequent glare and then pout she received from her sister told her maybe she wasn’t far off base. 

“You wouldn’t DARE Wynonna! I am an adult, you can’t just treat me like a child because I did something you didn’t like. You wanna yell at me, fine! But you can’t SPANK me!” Waverly said, her voice sounding considerably less confident than she was hoping for. In truth, she knew what she had done was fairly dangerous and she didn’t like upsetting her sister. But Wynonna wouldn’t actually spank her, would she? She bit her lip and her hands wandered down to her bottom protectively. 

“You know what? I can! And I think I need to. Because ever since I got here, you’ve been going off doing more dangerous and stupid stuff despite me warning you not to! I’m tired of having to save your ass, or hear about you getting shot at just because you think you’re a big grown badass. Now stand up!” Wynonna said, striding over to the bed and grabbing her sister by the arm. She pulled, fighting Waverly’s resistance and got her standing on her feet. 

“Wynonna! Please, you can’t do this. I swear I’ll stop doing dumb stuff! I won’t stalk anyone anymore!” She stomped her feet in protest and tried pulling her arm free to no avail. Her sister had a strong grip on her, she wasn’t going anywhere. Before she really realized what was happening, she was being pulled facedown across Wynonna’s lap on the bed.

“No! Please, Wynonna, please don’t! I’m not a kid anymore, this isn’t fair!” She yelled, squirming across her sister’s thighs in an attempt to flee. Wynonna smacked the center of her ass once, hard. 

“Stop that! You earned this, Waverly. You were being reckless and thoughtless. You won’t listen to me any other way, I hope this gets through to you!” With that, she began spanking her sister evenly and with decent force. Waverly groaned but the smacks over her jeans were barely stinging. She rested her chin in her hand, pouting. 

“Okay, Wy. I get it! Just stop already, this is stupid. I said I was sorry for what I did, okay?” Waverly whined, before finding herself suddenly standing on her feet again. She regained her balance and reached back to rub her cheeks. 

“Nuh uh. No rubbing. Take those jeans down, Waverly” Wynonna commanded, snapping her fingers and pointing at the ground. Waverly gasped and clutched her jeans on the sides. 

“Absolutely not! We’re done here, okay? I get it, you’re mad at me. But look, this isn’t even a big deal. No one got hurt!’ Waverly pleaded, her hands still tightly on the waistband of her jeans. Wynonna leaned forward and grunted, slipping her fingers into the waistband herself and pulling, fighting against Waverly to pull them down. After considerable shouting and arguing, the jeans came down to Waverly’s knees and she was yanked back across her sister’s lap. She struggled this time, before being pinned between Wynonna’s legs so she couldn’t kick. 

“Wynooooonna, please! Please don’t, it’s going to- Owww!” She yelled out, having been interrupted by an onslaught of smacks raining down on her now less protected cheeks. Without the protection of her denim, this was really beginning to hurt. She felt her face flush, embarrassed to be exposed like this in front of her sister, let alone for such a humiliating reason. 

“You need to learn how to listen, little girl! You completely ignored me when I told you to stay out  of trouble, and you don’t know how to behave yourself!” Wynonna lectured, her hand growing tired and stinging something terrible. She could see that her sister’s bottom was beginning to change to a nice red color, especially where her bare skin was exposed. She didn’t know how much longer her hand was going to last, though. 

“I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! It was just a little sneaking around, but I promise not to do it anymore!” Waverly whined, her eyes filling with tears. She gently pounded a fist into the bed to vent some of her frustration, and realized her spanking had stopped. 

“Stay still, I need to lean over you” Wynonna said, stretching her arm as far as it would go towards the night stand. On it was a comb, a mirror, and a hairbrush. Wynonna stretched a little further and got her fingers around the handle of the hairbrush and pulled it towards herself, leaning back on the bed and readjusting. 

“This will teach you to do as I say. I want you to feel bad about what you’ve done, feel some real remorse. You’re my little sister. I expect better from you” Wynonna said, slipping her fingers in Waverly’s panties. She pulled them down without effort, before Waverly could stop what was happening. 

“No! Oh my god, Wy, please put them back! This is humiliating!” She reached back, trying to cover her now completely exposed bottom. Wynonna took her sister’s wrist and pinned it to her back, keeping her fingers away from her cheeks. She lifted the hairbrush that Waverly still didn’t know she had, and began spanking with it, the volume of the spanking going way up. Waverly immediately began to buck, arching her back and kicking her legs. 

“Owww! Oh my god, what is that?! That hurts, Wynonna! Please, that really hurts!” She wailed, trying her best to escape her older sister’s lap. Wynonna held her tightly across her lap, raining down swat after swat with the hardback hairbrush. The color of Waverly’s cheeks was rapidly changing from light red to dark red. Waverly began to sob, giving up all control of her body to her punishment. She didn’t have any fight left in her, and deep down, she knew she deserved this. 

“You will do better! I expect you to listen to me, and do as I tell you to do! Same goes for Dolls, if he tells you not to do something, you listen to him. I expect you to be much better behaved after this, do you hear me?” Wynonna said, aiming some of her swats to her sister’s untouched thighs. Waverly wailed and arched her back, but came back down almost immediately. 

“Yes ma’am! I swear I’ll be better, I’ll do anything you say!” she pleaded, tears streaming down her face. She felt truly sorry for her behavior the past few days and knew she should be more careful about the situations she put herself in. The pain of this lesson was going to stick around for a few days at least, she knew she wasn’t about to forget. Finally, after several more moments of swats to her bottom and thighs, the spanking stopped. Wynonna released her leg lock on her little sister and let go of her wrist. 

“You’re a good kid, Waves. You just need to learn how to protect yourself and keep yourself safe. I will always be here to remind you of that. Your spanking is over, but you better believe I will put you right back here the instant I find you screwing around doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing, is that understood?” She asked, rubbing little circles into the sobbing girl’s back. Waverly nodded, trying to regain her composure. She wiped her face on her sleeve and sniffled. 

“May I please sit up?” She asked shakily, hoping the answer was yes. Wynonna responded by helping lift her off her lap, keeping her steady on her feet. Waverly rubbed her bottom, pouting and whimpering. She could feel welts against her palm, spots she knew she’d be able to see the damage from tomorrow. 

“May I have a hug?” She asked pathetically, opening her arms. Wynonna grinned and pulled her sister into her arms, holding her tight.

“You’re a good girl. You mean the world to me. If anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself” She said quietly, closing her eyes. Her heart hurt to have to punish her sister like that, but she knew it was necessary. Waverly Earp was a hard headed young adult who just needed some guidance sometimes, and she felt obligated to provide that guidance. If this was how she had to do it, so be it. She released the smaller girl and smiled, watching her as she tried to pull up her panties and jeans painfully. 

“You’ll be sleeping on your stomach tonight, I’m sure” She said, wincing at Waverly’s pained expression. Waverly nodded and wiped a stray tear from her cheek. 

“Probably” she chuckled and sat down carefully next to her sister. 

“Now can we talk about Doc?! How insane is that? How did you find out?” 

The two girls talked long into the night, debating theories about what exactly Doc was, where he’d been all this time, and what they were going to do about him. Waverly did end up sleeping on her tummiesy that night, but she fell asleep feeling cared for, loved, and very well disciplined. 

The End

Story for a friend

Amanda snuck the keys back onto the rack by the door and crept her way down the hallway. There was a creaky floorboard somewhere around here-CREAAAK

“Oh damn” Amanda muttered, freezing in place. 

“Amanda.” Mae said, almost appearing out of the darkness like a spirit. 

“Geez! Mae…hi. W-what are you still doing up?” Amanda asked, her voice slightly higher pitched than usual. Fidgeting with the hem of her shirt, her eyes darted to the key rack and then back. She was silently praying that Mae hadn’t seen her hang up the keys to the Jeep. Strictly speaking, she didn’t have permission to have driven it anywhere and it was past her bedtime. 

“It is 1:15 in the morning, Amanda Lynn. Where have you been, and how did you get home?” Mae asked, crossing her arms. She had seen the smaller girl hang the keys up, so she knew full well how she had gotten home, and how she had gotten out for that matter.

“Oh! Well it’s a Friday so I thought maybe it was okay? Ummm Sam gave me a ride home. Yeah” she finished awkwardly, shrugging. She had never been a very good liar. 

“No, it was not okay. I never gave you permission to stay out late. You know we had an agreement about this. We’ll be discussing that before you go to bed. Also, I’d like you to tell me again how you got home. And don’t lie to me this time” Mae said, raising an eyebrow. She knew it was natural for a brat to try and lie their way out of trouble, so she was giving Amanda another chance to avoid being punished for it. 

“Well I already told you, I got a ride from Sam. Is your hearing going bad?” Amanda asked, a nervous smirk playing across her face. Mae shook her head and smiled despite herself. The little brat clearly needed to be taught a lesson. 

“We’re doing this the hard way then” Mae said, rolling up her sleeves. She walked forward and took the girl by the upper arm and walked her up the stairs towards her bedroom. 

“You know better than to lie to me, especially when I’ve given you a chance to redeem yourself. You deserve to be punished, little girl. And that is exactly what you will get.” She said, walking into the bedroom and over to the corner. Guiding Amanda into the corner, she positioned her how she wanted her. Her arms raised, her hands clasped behind her head. She roughly yanked the girl’s leggings down, ignoring the increasing protestations. The girl was several inches shorter than her so it was not a difficult battle to win. 

“You stay there, in position. Or else.” Mae threatened with a hard smack to the smaller girl’s bottom. Amanda groaned and kicked the wall once, gently. She remained otherwise in position, despite her poor attitude. Mae walked to the girl’s bathroom and opened the bottom drawer. Inside was a singular wooden hairbrush, ornate with ivory filigree and inlaid flowers. She took it and smacked it once against her palm. The noise was loud enough for Amanda to hear it in the corner, causing her to flinch. She hated that damn brush, but she knew she had earned it. Apparently Mae knew about the Jeep and she was really upset about her breaking curfew. Even though they were just roommates, the two had come to an understanding early on that Mae was to be the head of the household, in charge in general, and the disciplinarian when necessary. There was an agreed upon set of rules that Amanda was expected to follow, and when she did not, there were consequences. Amanda had to rapidly become accustomed to a sore bottom and sitting crookedly on the regular. She’d never broken the particular rule of using Mae’s Jeep without permission, so she wasn’t sure exactly how much trouble she was in. 

“Explain yourself.” Mae said, making Amanda jump. She hadn’t heard her come back into the room. 

“Um. Well, like I said earlier, it’s a Friday. I thought maybe it would be okay that I stayed out a little past curfew” she said, shrugging. Mae lowered the girl’s underwear to her knees before smacking her once, in the center of her ass. 

“That’s not the right answer and you know it. Try again.” 

“Ow! I um..I broke curfew, even though I knew better. I thought I wouldn’t get caught” Amanda said, regret seeping into her words. 

“And?” Mae asked, one hand on the girl’s left cheek as a warning. 

“And I…might have taken your Jeep without permission?” Amanda said, much more quietly. 

“That’s what I thought. Now tell me what you deserve for your disobedience and poor choices.” 

“Nothing! I did corner time and…and you already smacked me! I won’t do it again, I swear!” She pleaded, risking a quick glance over her shoulder. She gave her best puppy dog eyes before turning back around and biting her lip. 

“You’ll never learn, will you?” Mae said, taking the girl by the ear and pulling her along to the bed. Amanda whined and tried to pull herself free, but was unsuccessful. She walked awkwardly, her underwear and leggings still wrapped around her ankles. Mae sat down on the bed and lifted Amanda up onto her lap, her hips resting against Mae’s thighs. Almost immediately the spanking began, the blows falling rapidly and without mercy. Amanda began to kick and plead, alarmed at how hard Mae was spanking and how much this hurt. 

“Ow! I’m sorry! I was only joking-OW! I was kidding Mae! I’m really sorry!” She reached a hand back to cover her poor pink cheeks, forgetting herself.

“You little brat! First you take my car without asking, then you break curfew, THEN you lie about it. You couldn’t be a good girl in the corner and tell me what you deserved, and now you’re reaching back during a punishment? You must really need a reminder who is in charge here, little girl” Mae said, taking the girl’s wrist in her hand and pinning it against her back.

“Nooo Mae, please, I forgot!” Amanda wailed, kicking gently and squirming. Mae resumed the spanking, her blows landing even harder. The girl’s cheeks quickly turned red under her ministrations, and her pleas went largely unheard. After several minutes of smacks and yelps echoing around the room, Mae stopped. 

“What are you learning, young lady?” She asked, rubbing the burning cheeks before her. Amanda whined and flexed her pinned hand. 

“ never break curfew, and to not take your Jeep!” she answered, closing her eyes. She hoped that was a good enough answer, but she wasn’t sure. 

“Exactly. You had no right to take my car without asking and you knew better than to be out past curfew. Now I’ll ask you again, what do you deserve?” Mae asked, her hand stilling on Amanda’s cheek. 

“T-To be spanked, ma’am” Amanda said quietly, flexing her pinned hand once again. She hoped Mae would hold her hand instead of just pinning it against her back. She needed the comfort. 

“Yes, that is exactly what you deserve. And that is exactly what you will get” Mae said, adjusting her grip on the girl’s clenching hand. Her fingers interlaced with Amanda’s, her grip changing from forceful to gentle. She picked up the hairbrush with her free hand and tapped it against the girl’s cheeks. She waited a moment before lifting it and bringing it down hard, leaving an oval outline of darker red against the light red canvas. She continued this motion with a rhythm, the cracks and whacks becoming almost intolerably loud in the small room. Amanda’s cries turned from surprised to repentant. She truly was beginning to feel bad for having broken one of her rules and for borrowing Mae’s car without permission. 

“I’m sorry! Please, I’m really really sorry, Mae. I promise I’ll be a good girl, I won’t do it again!” She pleaded, tears beginning to escape down her cheeks. Her feet kicked a little harder against the bed, not in disobedience but in genuine pain. 

“I expect you to follow the rules we agreed upon, Amanda. I am disappointed in you. You know better than this. Each and every time you decide to do something like this, you’re going to find yourself here, across my knee. Isn’t that right?” She asked, her spanks becoming more focused on the girl’s tender sit spots. Amanda began to howl in pain, tears freely running down her face as she kicked and squirmed. 

“Yes ma’am! I understand, I promise! I’ll be a very good girl from now on!” She cried out, her hand tightening around Mae’s. After what seemed like an eternity, the spanking stopped. Mae set the brush down on the bed and let go of the girl’s hand. She gave her a minute, allowing her a moment to compose herself. She rubbed the girl’s back gently, feeling her breathing come back to normal slowly. 

“When you’re ready, you can get up. You’re okay. It’s all over, you’re forgiven. Alright? You’re alright Amanda” Mae said, shushing the girl’s softening cries. Eventually Amanda stood herself upright, wiping tears from her face. 

“I’m sorry, Mae. I will be a good girl now! I will, I promise,” she said, sniffling. Mae opened her arms and gestured for the girl to come, wrapping her up in her arms gently. Amanda welcomed the embrace, needing comfort after her rather abrupt punishment. 

“Shhh. It’s okay. I know you will be. At least for a day or so” Mae said, chuckling to herself. Amanda let a laugh escape, knowing there was truth in the statement. She pulled away after a moment and reached back before stopping herself. 

“May I rub?” She asked quietly. Mae nodded and smiled. 

“You may.”  

The End

Natalie and Jill Pt 2

Jill’s Official Rule List

  • No dangerous activities
  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • No lying
  • No disobedience

Jill set the paper down and looked up at Natalie with a slight scowl. 

“Is this really necessary?” She asked, her eyebrows raised. Natalie raised one eyebrow back in return. 

“Yes, it is. We need to establish ground rules for this. I can’t expect you to know what is allowed and what isn’t unless we’ve gone over it. Now you know my expectations. I’m sure over time we will add more rules, as I’m positive you’ll find ways to bend what few you have. But for now, I think this will do.”

“But no smoking? I’m a smoker. You knew that about me before this” Jill said, a whine creeping up in her voice. Truthfully she had been planning on quitting anyways but she hadn’t really bothered to find a reason to. 

“I know it will be an adjustment, but I think it’s what is best for you. If you really think you need to smoke, we can discuss that. But I’d prefer if you didn’t, and I’d like to make that enforceable” Natalie replied, knitting her fingers together before resting them on the table in front of her. Jill turned slightly pink and looked down at the paper as if studying it. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably without replying. 

“I’m sure you realize this, but breaking any of these rules comes with consequences. Most of the time, that will mean a spanking. Do you understand that?” Natalie asked carefully. Jill coughed slightly before composing herself.

“Y-yes. I understand. But the smoking thing is going to be hard…” she said softly, fiddling with the paper. Natalie nodded.

“I understand. We’ll work through it together. I’m sure you’ll find that getting punished each time you smoke will create a natural adversity to it. But it will come with time” Natalie said. 

“I’m gonna be getting punished a lot, then” Jill mumbled mostly to herself. Natalie shifted in her seat. 

“Do you plan on breaking your rules often? Because that’s not the purpose. I genuinely want these things to be good for you, not a burden. I don’t want to have to spank you constantly for doing something you’re going to continue doing” Natalie said carefully, her concern growing. Jill laughed softly, looking up at her girlfriend. 

“No, I just know I’m gonna suck at this for a while. I don’t want to be in trouble constantly. Just know I’m gonna mess up” Jill said, shrugging. Natalie nodded.

“Okay, well as long as we’re both on the same page that you’re going to be getting punished each time you ‘mess up’ then we’re good” she said, smiling. 

Two Weeks Later

Jill stubbed out her cigarette on the curb and brushed her hands off on her jeans. She sighed deeply and stood up, deciding it was time to go inside. As she stood, her heart froze in her chest. Across the parking lot, a familiar looking black Subaru was parked with the lights off. She glanced quickly at her watch and realized it was already 7:15, Natalie was supposed to be coming over at 7. 

“Shit shit shit fuck” she said softly, not moving from her spot. She couldn’t stop staring at the car though, hoping to any god that it wasn’t Natalie. After a few more seconds, the driver’s side door opened. A tall, intimidating redhead stepped out. 

“Oh god damn it” Jill groaned, feeling her pockets for gum. She found none. She was officially screwed. Natalie was striding rapidly across the parking lot, a look of pure determination on her face. Jill held her hands out in front of her defensively, backing up a few steps. 

“Natalie! Hey! I um…didn’t realize the time!” She practically shrieked, her voice reaching such a high pitch that she inwardly winced. She knew she couldn’t talk her way out of this, but it was worth a try. Natalie said nothing, just grabbed onto Jill’s upper arm and pulled her along with her. Jill stumbled a little to keep up, her mouth still trying to save her ass. 

“Natalie it wasn’t what it looked like! Please don’t be mad, where are we going? Emery is home, please don’t do this here! I swear I won’t do it again, Natalie just stop for a second!” She stopped rambling, having realized Natalie had stopped walking. She opened her mouth after a second, about to continue her tirade before being interrupted by her girlfriend. 

“It is exactly what it looked like, little girl. You directly disobeyed me. I’m going to find out exactly how many times this has happened and we are going to have a very long discussion about it. I don’t care who’s home, they’re going to hear every second of your punishment. And If I have anything to say about it, this absolutely WILL NOT be happening again. Now come” she said, once again tugging Jill along by the arm. 

Jill finally shut up, a little shocked at how sharp Natalie’s tone was. She was in more trouble than she realized. The last two weeks worth of cigarettes were floating back into her consciousness, and there were more than she’d care to admit. Jill found herself face to face with her own front door and realized she was supposed to unlock it. With only a moment of hesitation, she complied and swung the door open. Natalie pulled her through it and shut it behind them before continuing into Jill’s room, her grip still firm on Jill’s arm.

Emery was sitting on the couch and silently watched as her roommate got tugged down the hallway like a petulant toddler. She bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing, and casually turned the volume down on the tv so she could hear whatever was about to happen. The door to Jill’s room slammed shut, but Emery could still hear just about everything.

Natalie slammed Jill’s door and then let go of her girlfriend’s arm. 

“Explain yourself. Right now” she said, crossing her arms. She flexed her jaw as she waited, trying to calm herself down. She wanted nothing more than to discipline the girl until her arm was tired, but she needed a minute to regain her composure. 

Jill floundered, stuck between telling the truth or lying. She knew she could probably get away with some degree of lying, but on the other hand, she didn’t know what Natalie knew yet. 

“I…okay I was smoking. But…it’s the first time in weeks?” She whimpered, wishing the last part sounded more like a statement than a question. Natalie reached behind Jill and smacked her ass, hard. Jill yelped and rubbed her butt, surprised as how badly that had stung through her jeans. 

“Try that again, but tell me the truth this time” Natalie growled, her palm tingling. Jill hesitated. She could still technically lie, right? There’s no way Natalie would know. 

“I um…I have smoked one other time besides today, okay? I’m sorry!” She said with a hopeful smile. She didn’t realize how bad she was at lying, she truly believed she was getting away with it. Natalie shook her head and took Jill’s wrist, leading her over to the chair in the corner. 

“We clearly need to just discuss this another way. You have issues with telling me the truth while standing up, let’s try it across my knee” she said, sitting down and pulling Jill down across her thighs rather roughly. Jill landed with a grunt across her girlfriend’s legs and put her palms flat on the floor. This had taken a turn. On the bright side, she still had her jeans on. 

“This isn’t necessary, I swear! Come on Natalie-“ she started to plead, but her whines were interrupted with a volley of hard smacks to her upper thighs. She wailed and writhed, trying to avoid the smacks that kept coming. Jill thrust her hand back, trying desperately to block the painful punishment. Natalie responded by lifting her up back to her feet before beginning to unbutton her jeans. Jill didn’t intervene physically, she was just glad the spanks had stopped.

“Baby please, I swear I’ll tell you everything. Can we just talk about this?” She groaned, finding herself now naked from the waist down. Natalie looked up at her, her hands on Jill’s hips. 

“We will talk about this. And you will tell me the truth. If we have to do this all night, I will get the truth from you” she said before pulling Jill back across her knees. She began spanking back and forth between both of Jill’s cheeks this time, quickly turning them pink. Jill began to tear up, realizing how truly in trouble she was. Clearly lying isn’t getting her anywhere. But she still wasn’t ready to be completely honest. She took her spanking, her palms again flat on the floor. She kicked occasionally, and whimpers escaped her lips, but several minutes of smacks and cracks continued to echo around the room. Finally they stopped. 

“Are you ready to tell me the truth?” Natalie asked, squeezing one of Jill’s bright red cheeks. Jill hesitated, then shook her head no. Natalie sighed and nodded to herself. At least the girl was honest about that. Her hand was really starting to ache though. 

“Okay. Stand up for me please” she said, helping her sore girlfriend to her feet. She stood up herself and shook her hand out a little. “Go stand in the corner, hands on your head. I need to go speak to your roommate” she said, waiting until Jill complied before leaving the room. Emery was in the living room, trying valiantly to pretend she hadn’t been eavesdropping.

“Emery, hi. Sorry I didn’t greet you earlier. As you know, we’re in the middle of something right now, and I was wondering if you could help me” Natalie said, gesturing vaguely at Jill’s room. Emery leapt to her feet and gasped, her hands to her mouth.

“You want ME to spank her?!” She whispered excitedly, a grin spreading across her face. Natalie had to suppress a laugh, but quickly composed herself.

“No, I actually need something of yours. I’m hoping you have a hairbrush or a paddle or something. I didn’t bring anything with me” she said, smirking. Emery’s face fell a little before she perked back up. 

“Okay! Lemme go grab what I have” she said, scampering off to her room. She came back a few seconds later with a heavy looking wooden backed hairbrush, something Cora obviously got for her. 

“I don’t mind if you lose that, by the way” she said, handing it over. She was all too eager to get rid of the implement, even at the expense of her best friend’s ass. 

“I’ll make sure I mention that to Cora. Thank you for letting me use it, I hope it makes an impression” Natalie said with a wink before heading back into Jill’s room. Once there, she noted with some satisfaction that Jill was still in position in the corner, her red bottom on display. She sat back down in the chair and sighed. 

“Come here” she said firmly, watching as Jill slowly trudged her way out of the corner and back in front of her. 

“You know good and well that smoking is against your rules. If you couldn’t do it, you needed to come to me. Instead, you disobeyed me and then you tried to lie about it. Lying doesn’t get you anywhere. Now maybe this hairbrush will have more of an impact than I’ve been giving you. Get over my knees” Natalie said, pleased that Jill immediately did as she was told. She adjusted the girl slightly before raising the hairbrush high and bringing it down with a CRACK. She repeated the motion, steadily gaining a rhythm of smacks across her girlfriend’s cheeks. Jill had started to cry, but still refused to speak. Several minutes of this passed by before Natalie stopped, the hairbrush resting against Jill’s dark red cheek.

“Are you ready to tell me the truth?” Natalie asked quietly, hoping for a yes. Jill waited until she caught her breath, wiping away a stream of tears before they could fall. 

“Yes…”she whimpered. 

“How many times have you smoked in the last two weeks, Jillian?” Natalie asked, setting the brush on the bed next to them. 

“Um…at least every other day, probably” she admitted quietly, her head hung low. 


“I guess I just wanted to. I didn’t feel like following the rules but I didn’t want you to know either” 

“Which means it’s something you know you should probably quit, right?” Natalie asked.

“I know I do. I just…didn’t. I’m sorry” Jill said before her crying started anew, her shoulders shaking.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. We’ll get you there. You’ve been punished for smoking. You still need to be punished for lying. And then we’ll make a plan to get you off these cigarettes for good. Okay?” Natalie asked, rubbing Jill’s punished cheeks gently. Jill nodded, still softly crying over her girlfriend’s lap. 

“Let’s finish this up, little one. Come on and stand up for me” Natalie said, helping Jill to stand. She hugged her girlfriend for a moment before gesturing to the chair.

“Okay, bend over the back of the chair for me. I know it’s a little tall, but you can reach” she said, unbuckling her belt. Immediately Jill began to wail.

“Noooo not that! You’ve never given me the belt before, Nat! Please not the belt” she whined, instinctively covering her cheeks. Natalie whipped her belt out from her belt loops, largely ignoring the pleas. 

“Jill, bend over the chair, now. Do not make me tell you again” Natalie commanded, looping the belt over in her hand. Jill groaned and stood still, clutching her bottom in fear. 

“No?” She whispered softly.

Natalie sighed and grabbed her by the arm before pushing her over the back of the chair. She held Jill down with a hand on her back and began spanking her again, her hand raining down blows with force. 

“You are to do as you’re told, little girl. You do not tell me no!” She continued spanking for a full minute before stopping. 

“Are you ready to finish your punishment, little one?” Natalie asked, her hand resting against Jill’s cheek, ready to continue spanking if needed. Jill hesitated for just a moment before slowly nodding. 

“Yes….ma’am” she whimpered, lowering her head and tensing against the chair. 

“Good. Now stay still, I only want to hit your bottom, not your back or your legs. Understand?” 

“Yes ma’am, I’ll do my best” Jill replied softly. Natalie picked the belt back up off the floor and tapped it against her girlfriend’s punished ass. She pulled her arm back and whipped it back down, the crack of leather on skin echoing around the room. Jill cried out and kicked one leg out before quickly getting back into position. Natalie raised the belt again and brought it down just as hard, then repeated the motion again and again. Jill began to sob, clutching the cushion of the chair in her fists. Natalie started to lecture as she punished, the cracks punctuating her words. 

“You will never get away with lying to me, Jillian. You will always find yourself in this position, getting your little ass torn up. If I ever find out you’re hiding something like this from me, you better believe this will happen again in a heartbeat. Is that understood?” She paused, waiting for an answer. Jill took a moment to collect herself before replying. 

“Yes ma’am! I’m sorry for lying to you, and for hiding my smoking from you, I won’t do it anymore!” She wailed, hoping her punishment was almost over. She felt true remorse for her offense, and the thought of another cigarette made her feel ill. 

“Good. I’m really glad to hear that. Now, I’m giving you 15 more and then you’re done. Okay? These 15 are to serve as a reminder to you to stop with the cigarettes, and to make sure you always think before you lie to me. I want you to count them out loud. Brace yourself” she said, raising the belt high above her head again. She brought it down, hard, right across Jill’s sit spots. 

“One!” Jill cried out, beginning sobbing again. The belt crashed down almost immediately after, right on top of the previous blow. 

“Ah! Two!” Jill yelled, struggling to stay in position. The belt fell again and again, and she successfully remained mostly still, counting every punishing strike. Finally, the 15th blow fell and it was over. Natalie set the belt down on the bed and pulled her sobbing, well punished girlfriend into her arms. 

“Shhh it’s okay. It’s over, you did so good. It’s all over, baby. You’re forgiven.” Natalie cooed, rubbing Jill’s back gently. Jill cried openly, grateful to be so cared for, and grateful that her punishment was over.

“I’ll never smoke again, Nat, I swear” She said once she gained control of herself, sniffling. Natalie chuckled softly.

“That’s good to hear, since it still is technically against your rules” she said, kissing Jill’s temple. Jill nodded and sighed.

“Yes ma’am” she said softly. Despite the bruises throbbing on her exposed cheeks, Jill felt safe and forgiven. Natalie guided her to the bed and laid down, scooping the smaller girl up into her. She could feel the heat from the girl’s bottom radiating into her thighs. She kissed the back of Jill’s head, squeezing her tight as they both slowly started to drift off. It had been a whirlwind of a punishment, but all was forgiven and everything was back to normal.

Cora and Emery pt. 7

*****Disclaimer/Trigger Warning*****:

I have wanted to write something like this for a while now, and I was just too shy to. I finally decided to really go for it and explore more of my own kinks through my writing. If you don’t like the following, DON’T READ THE STORY

Contains:  severe consensual spanking of an adult, humiliation and anal discipline

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Part 6 Cora/Emery/Natalie/Jill

“No I swear! We don’t have that rule, I wouldn’t break a rule like that, c’mon Natalie!” Emery pleaded, looking at Jill for support. Jill looked at her girlfriend and shrugged, deciding it was probably best just to not get involved. Natalie narrowed her eyes, her Top senses tingling. 

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Floor plan for Emery and Jill’s Apartment

I dunno if anyone cares about this, but I always have had an obsession with floorplans. In case you ever wanted to visualize a little better what Emery and Jill’s apartment looks like, here ya go! I’m sorry for the quality, the image was saved as a JPEG which apparently cant be loaded on here so you get what you get 😂

Room at the top is Emery’s, room to the right is Jill’s

Part 5 Warning

So some of you might like this and some of you might hate it but part 5 is gonna be particularly long. I will generally be trying to include a spanking per story, so I don’t wanna split stuff up unnecessarily to make you “get to the good stuff.”

Also, for the majority of my stories, I will be sticking to “part 4, part 5, part 6” etc because it helps new readers with chronology and it helps me when I need to go back and review things. I used to enjoy making clever titles but it’s just not functional for this kind of interface.

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

Charcoal For Christmas

It was December 24th and Emery was in the most Christmasy of moods. She had decided that while Cora was working all day, she’d go over to her apartment and bake a bunch of cookies and holiday goodies. That way she could supply her girlfriend with baked goods all day to make up for the fact that she had to work on Christmas Eve.

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